Sunday, 17 July 2011

Craft Carousel - Come and See!

Today I am going to tell you all about the Craft Carousel!

This was the idea of Maryann from OneStopPamperShop

and Sarah from SilverBirchCrafts

Basically this is how it works!

Click on the picture above to go and look at the carousel!

Take a look though the featured shops, Choose any item that you want to buy! Then check the comments below to make sure that "shop spot" is still available.

Leave a comment to reserve your spot and go buy!

Then you can replace it in the treasury with a item from your own shop.

You don't have to buy the featured item shown , just something from one of the featured shops.

If you buy something let Maryann know and tell her which of your products you would like in its place.

And if you're not a seller and want to join in?

Well why not nominate one of your favourite shops!

It's first come first served so please comment and reserve your spot first!
Feel free to tell people about this, Tweet, Facebook....

The volume of sales that there have been since it started have been incredible! At Christmas time last year the Carousel was spinning so fast it was difficult

to stay on for more than a few minutes!

Why not give it a try!

PS I am on it at the moment and if anyone buys from me after reading my blog

I will throw in a free gift!

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