Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Moving onwards and Upwards!

The last few days have held big milestones in my Family Life. My littlest graduated with a Diploma (!) from her Nursery and is ready to go off to "big school" in September. It seems like only yesterday that she was born!

Then my eldest moves on from Primary School to Secondary. He too is full of enthusiasm and is ready for the move. He did a reading at the end of term Eucharist and has achieved so much at his school.

Thankfully the Middlie stays at the same school! I definitely couldn't cope with all 3 of them moving!

Sats has been all he has done really this year, so he came up with a fab idea for a leaving gift for his teacher that was based on one that I had which says "Peace, Love & Serenity. This comes from the fabulous shop Dottery Pottery.

Sarah sells the most fabulous things and was so great to work with his idea to come up with the perfect gift.

It was voted the best teacher gift by all the teachers and his teacher wore it at the Eucharist!

My blogs are likely to be a bit few and far between as the whitlwind of the Summer Holidays takes hold! So in case I don't make it back at....have a fabulous Summer and see you in September!


  1. aww good luck to all the littlies moving up to big school and all the biggies going up to secondary school (my baby is going to secondary school in September - how did that happen!)
    So glad that the teacher's gift was a big hit : )

  2. How lovely to design his own gift and especially to have it voted the best. You must be very proud.
    They do grow up so fast it`s scary.