Saturday, 31 March 2012

SBS Event - Awesome Day!

Yesterday I spent the day in Birmingham at Edgbaston Conference Centre for the first SBS Winners event. It was totally awesome!

Theo's car was parked outside! A shiny car I had never seen in my whole life!

I went on my own which seemed a good idea when I was invited! It was quite daunting walking in and registering.

I've never been to a cricket ground and it was a spectacular location to hold the event.

It was also being filmed for TV - arghhh!

There was a networking, mingling hour to start with where I met some lovely people that I tweet with. Great to put faces to tweet names!

Then it was through for the conference. The whole event was sponsored by Ryman and their CEO, Kip (who is now following me on Twitter!!) explained why they were in support of Small Businesses.

Then Theo explained all about his vision for the future of #sbs including a fantastic new website!

There are fabulous badges that we will be able to access and use for websites, PR etc

Theo was truly inspirational and very friendly. Questions were opened to the Floor and a great deal of time was spent discussing different issues.

We all had the opportunity for a photo, which meant that Theo was stood smiling that smile for about an hour and a half!!

A great day, that's for sure!


  1. Wow, fabulous Dottie! I'm so pleased this has helped your business :)

  2. Wow its sounds like you had an amazing day. Congratulations on being invited. I'm going to have to take a look at his site now :)

  3. Sounds brilliant, I really didn't know much or understand about #SBS

  4. Hope the shoes were comfy , looks like a worthwhile day x

  5. Hi Susan,

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    Kind regards,