Sunday, 21 February 2010

The piano! Why didn't I think of that before!

In my quest for photos I have for days been draping various coloured sheets around my house. Much to my 2 yo's amusement. She has often stolen the sheet to make secret dens and I have had to wait for an appropriate time to snatch it back so she doesn't cry!
This morning I was once more in search of that elusive photo when I was inspired by how shiny my piano looks even though it is never polished! Ping!! Off to get various bits and pieces and hey presto the perfect background!

Well I think it looks pretty cool and after lising this keepsake box this afternoon it had sold by tea time, so somebody agreed!
What do you think, pink chenille or brown wood as the backdrop?
Sent these images off to NOTHS, hope they like them!


  1. piano piano piano... by miles!!! They look so much better. (no disrespect to the other ones) they just look better. I like the props as well. x

  2. Yes the piano looks good, I'm pretty stuck for nice backgrounds but unfortunately I don't have a piano or any nice pieces of furniture. When the sun shines I use an old weathered table in the garden. Perhaps I should clean up and polish the marble one.

  3. the piano works really well, i do like it more than the pink! and the whole composition with the champers and glasses looks fab, did NOTHS like them?