Monday, 10 May 2010

A bit about me!

This is where I live! Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire. I was thinking about how lucky we are this morning as we drove along the seafront on the school run. The Ferry was off to the Isle of Wight, lots of activity and even a man in a flourescent jacket picking up rubbish from the beach. All before 8am. Fab!

It's a funny little place, used to have a big Navy presence that has gone now but it still has hovercrafts running, a Search and Rescue Helicopter from the old airfield at Daedalus and a generally pleasant buzz of activity.

It has bucked the recession really with a vibrant High Street with a butchers, a bakers and a candle....OK getting carried away! There is a restaurant that you have to book a week in advance at and an ice cream shop that is so good that it always has a queue, even in the middle of Winter!

So that's a little bit of me and where I am! The sun is shining and life is actually pretty damned good!


  1. Hello, from the other side of the Solent!
    (Isle of Wight). What a lovely cheery blog. The south coast is a brilliant place to live- we have got everything we need right on our doorstep.
    Best Wishes Sue

  2. I love Lee-on-Solent... I'd love to live by the sea some day, it sounds lovely! I'm also in Hampshire, but boring Basingstoke!

  3. hi dottie, did you receive your giveaway goodies okay? xx

  4. Hi Anniexx

    Left you a message on Folksy? Received and very lovely!! Will be in my blog on thursday xxx

  5. Very envious of you living in such a lovely place, my relatives are Lymington way and I love to visit the New Forest but being near the sea must be wonderful. Di x

  6. you even get to live near me :-) oh well not that lucky then! hee!Hee! coffee?