Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Rather Tricky Order...

I love a challenge! This week I have been working on a book that on the face of it should have been very simple. Instructions from the customer a little ambiguous, as often happens, usually ironed out by a simple email exchange.
Not so in this case as the customer turned out to be Polish and didn't speak a word of English! Nevertheless, here is the finished product!

They left me spectacular feedback that I can only take to mean that they either really liked it or they cut and paste the feedback without understanding it!!


  1. LOL. Lovely book. Loving the comment!

    Chrisyals Creations

  2. Well done on the album. I love your comment on feedback!!
    We have 2 plumbers from Poland and luckily they speak excellent English, very correct too. Unlike us yocals in Wiltshire!!

  3. Thats wonderful, it alway nice to be appreciated the language does not matter, just the fact that you are appreciated