Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Joy of Custom Orders!

I like it when someone says "can you....?" because it generally works out really well. A lot of my best selling books are ones that have actually been the customer's idea! ( don't tell them, they'll want commission!)

This one is a good example, it was originally made as a Condolence book for a lady that had died aged 102! Then someone adapted it to have as a Wedding Guest Book and now it is one of my best sellers.

Originally it was done in pink and since has been done in gold, red, green and today purple! Not necessarily colours I would have chosen to go with the lilies but I think they look pretty nice!

I have been busy uploading my items onto Swanky Maison's shelves too and have had my first sale...yipee. There are some really gorgeous things on there...I have my eye on a very cute little milk jug!

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